11 Amazing Things Your Clothes Will Do

Soon your bedroom closet may hold much more than shirts, dresses, and socks.

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Soon your bedroom closet may hold much more than shirts, dresses, and socks. Clothing manufacturers are teaming up with scientific and university-based researchers to develop an amazing array of apparel that blends technology and fashion -- highly practical clothing that even fashionistas will want to wear. In the future, "the science and the design -- there can't be a disconnect," says Juan Hinestroza, professor of fiber science at Cornell University.

Athletes, soldiers and hospital patients will be among the first to wear many of the new clothes, but they'll also soon appear on fashion runways and in upscale stores. The innovations will be pricey at first, but the costs are sure to come down over time.

John Miley
Senior Associate Editor, The Kiplinger Letter

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