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10 States With the Fastest Job Growth in 2016


Looking for a job? A vibrant economy in which to launch your new business? A new market for your firm’s next expansion? The Kiplinger Letter’s annual state economic outlooks help job-seekers, entrepreneurs and business executives get ahead of shifts in job creation and GDP in different markets around the country.

The following 10 states are likely to see the fastest employment gains this year, from 2.7% to 3.5%, all topping the national average of 1.8%. Not all will see the highest numbers of new jobs, an honor that almost always goes to the most populous states, even if their rate of growth is slower. That’s the case this year with Texas. But three large states — California, Florida and Georgia — will be among the 10 fastest-growing and the five with the biggest gains. Northeastern and Midwestern states will see the least growth.


Meanwhile, look for unemployment rates to decline in almost all the states. The U.S. unemployment rate, as of May, was 4.7%.

States are ranked by projected job growth in 2016, beginning with the fastest-growing. Population figures are from 2015.


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