Improving Your Financial Health: A 10-Step Workout Plan

It's never too late to shape up your financial health, and the more attention you pay to every aspect of your finances, the healthier they’ll be.

A woman ties the laces on her sneakers, getting ready for a workout.
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Are you someone who is fairly health conscious? Do you attempt to eat right and exercise on a regular basis? How about your mental health? Are you taking time for yourself, doing some meditation or mindfulness or even speaking to a therapist to keep your mind in the right place? If so, I applaud you, as all of that is critical to a long and prosperous life.

Now, here is the real question: Do you have the same or any regular routine to take care of your financial health? The reality is that if you want that long and prosperous life, being healthy physically, mentally and financially are probably the holy trinity of your overall health. That said, I all too often see people neglect their financial health.

With how important one’s financial health truly is, I figured I’d put down a 10-step training regimen so that even the most out-of-shape individuals can get financially healthy.

Andrew Rosen, CFP®, CEP
President, Partner and Financial Adviser, Diversified, LLC

In March 2010, Andrew Rosen joined Diversified, bringing with him nine years of financial industry experience.  As a financial planner, Andrew forges lifelong relationships with clients, coaching them through all stages of life. He has obtained his Series 6, 7 and 63, along with property/casualty and health/life insurance licenses.