Instant Gratification


Instant Gratification

Don't wait until 2009 for your next tax refund. Adjust your withholding, and get more money now.

As millions of taxpayers rush to the post office tonight to get their tax forms in the mail, I want to stress again the importance of filling out one more form. No, not an extra 1040 or Schedule D or Schedule SE or even an amended 1040X.

Millions upon millions of taxpayers can put more money in their pockets starting next payday by filing a new W-4 form with their employers. The W-4 is the form that controls how much federal income tax your boss takes out of your checks each payday for the IRS. The higher than ever number of record-sized refunds issued by the IRS this spring is proof positive that millions of us let the government dip too deep into our paychecks each week.

Filing a new W-4 is an powerful weapon to bring that to an end.

We've created a special calculator to give you a solid idea of the instant gratification you can enjoy by filing a new W-4. Check out our easy withholding calculator, and take a few minutes to give yourself a raise.