The Best Package Tours for Your Money, 2016

If you love to travel, but not to plan travel, an organized tour is for you.

The picks below are part of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance’s annual Best List, a roundup of the best values in all the areas we cover – from funds, stocks and ETFs to credit cards and bank accounts to cars, college, kid stuff, phone plans, travel and health. Discover all our Best List picks here.


Luxury Travel

Abercrombie & Kent pampers guests at destinations as close as Costa Rica or as far-flung as Easter Island with individual airport transfers and lavish hotels. Small group tours max out at 18 travelers.

Family Travel

The Tauck Bridges program makes U.S. national parks, Central American jungles, European capitals and much more accessible to families of all ages. The company designs activities that kids, parents and grandparents can enjoy together.

Solo Travel

Overseas Adventure Travel doesn’t charge a “single supplement,” meaning solo travelers pay the same rates as couples on trips to the Moroccan Sahara, Patagonia and more.

Adventure Travel

The staff of Intrepid Travel dream up exotic getaways each year and put them into action. In 2017, that includes reindeer herding in the far north of Russia and snorkeling with whale sharks in Djibouti.

Educational Travel

Road Scholar (formerly Elderhostel) focuses on experiential learning, so knowledgeable experts join each trip. Trips usually attract travelers 50 and older, but special “intergenerational” tours, which run the gamut from surfing to safaris, are tailored to grandparentsand grandkids.


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