Zillow Moves to Improve Home Price Estimates

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Zillow Moves to Improve Home Price Estimates

First free online home pricing site aims to tweak its accuracy and avoid unrealistic expectations of homeowners.

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The Zestimate, the first free online home price estimate, is getting closer to helping buyers and sellers determine the actual sale price of a home.

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In response to complaints that its estimates gave homeowners unrealistic expectations, Zillow, an online real estate marketplace and creator of the Zestimate, conducted a competition to improve its accuracy. Almost 4,000 teams of data scientists and engineers in 91 countries participated. The winner was announced in January.

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When Zillow launched the Zestimate in 2006, its margin of error for home price estimates was about 14% nationally, says Skylar Olsen, director of economic research at Zillow. That improved to 4.5% by early 2019, she says. As the winning improvements are made this year, the margin of error will fall below 4% nationally, says Olsen. That means half of Zestimates will be within 4% of the actual sale price of homes, and half will be outside that margin of error, says Olsen.

Even with the improvements, Zillow says, homeowners should supplement the Zestimate with a comparative market analysis from real estate agents or a professional appraisal.