Best Careers for the Next 10 Years


Best Careers for the Next 10 Years

The future is bright for these professions based on hiring and pay.

The U.S. job market is looking good. And for some fields, it’s looking great. We analyzed hundreds of professions to see which are have the strongest job growth and highest salaries.

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Here are three to pursue:

App Developer

Total number of jobs: 741,137

Job growth, 2005-2015: 28.2% (All jobs: 5.3%)

Projected job growth, 2015-2025: 22.7% (All jobs: 11.0%)

Median annual salary: $96,461 (All jobs: $43,430)

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Typical education: Bachelor's degree


Got computer science and software skills? Good: You have choices. One of your best would be to become an app developer. The demand for mobile technology is skyrocketing and this means huge growth for these developers. You need only a bachelor's and can maybe get in with just an associate's.

Nurse Practitioner

Total number of jobs: 130,110

Job growth, 2005-2015: 30.3%

Projected job growth, 2015-2025: 25.7%


Median annual salary: $97,396

Typical education: Master's degree

Health care continues to see growth as more people get insurance. Being a nurse practitioner is a great way to tap into this. NPs do much of the same care as doctors and are paid well. You’ll need postgraduate study.

Market Research Analyst

Total number of jobs: 522,438


Job growth, 2005-2015: 28.0%

Projected job growth, 2015-2025: 28.2%

Median annual salary: $62,226

Typical education: Bachelor's degree


One exception to the tech and medical jobs dominating our list is market research analyst. Companies are awash in big data and need people who can make sense of it. The best jobs will go to those with a master’s degree in marketing, statistics or math.

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