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12 Dividend Stocks for Every Month of the Year

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Whether you’re pulling in a paycheck or living off investments, dividends can be a great way to reel in some cash. But investors usually have to wait months between payments. Many companies dole out dividends in March, June, September and December. If all your payments land in that timetable, your income stream can dry up for long stretches.

To keep the cash flowing, we assembled a bundle of 12 stocks that pays dividends every month, generating income like a steady paycheck. We focused on firms with steady businesses, sturdy balance sheets and a commitment to uphold their payouts. Not all the stocks boast fat yields. But our lower-yielding picks feature strong profit potential, along with room to hike their dividends.

A portfolio of equal stakes in each stock would yield 3.3%. That beats the 2.1% yield of Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index and the 1.5% yield of 10-year Treasury bonds. Stocks can fall far more than bonds, of course. But if you stick with this lineup, the payments should roll in. Most of these firms should increase their dividends each year, too.

All data as of July 31. Price/earnings rations based on estimated earnings over the next 12 months. Sources: Nasdaq, Thomson Reuters, Yahoo

12 Dividend Stocks for Every Month of the Year



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