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8 Great International Vacations You Can Afford


If you’re planning a trip abroad, you no doubt already have a few popular (and probably pricey) destinations in mind. But what if you could take your dream vacation at a fraction of the cost? We’ve compiled a list of affordable alternatives to eight international vacation hot spots. Each offers similar tourist attractions as its better-known overseas counterpart, only on a much smaller budget.

In order to compare costs, we turned to Price of Travel, a Web site that tracks travel costs for more than 110 popular destinations around the world. Its 3-Star Traveler indexes calculate how much a visitor will likely spend per day on a midrange hotel room in a tourist area (based on double-occupancy), two taxi rides (assuming the fare is split between two riders), entry to one cultural attraction, three budget meals and three glasses of beer or wine. We also consulted with the travel experts at Hotwire and Tim Leffel, author of The World’s Cheapest Destinations, for help in selecting these alternative destinations.


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