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10 Great Places to Retire, 2017

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When ticking off desirable features for places to live, millennials and retirees have a lot in common. Affordable homes? Check. A selection of good restaurants? Absolutely. A vibrant arts scene? Sure. Lots of outdoor recreation? You bet. A strong network of doctors and good health care facilities? That’s important no matter how old you are.

The cities on Kiplinger’s list of best places to retire have all of the above, plus manageable traffic and a laid-back lifestyle. We focused on retirement destinations within an hour or two of a major metropolitan area so that it’s easy to take advantage of big-city amenities when you choose, without having to face twice-a-day traffic nightmares. Our picks have lively, walkable downtowns not far from desirable neighborhoods. They have vibrant economies, which means retirees can find part-time jobs if they want to earn extra income. Property taxes tend to be lower than they are in the nearby metro areas, and most of our cities are in states that are tax-friendly or tax-neutral for retirees. We even offer a destination for retirees who want to live on the West Coast without paying California prices. Just make sure your passport is up to date.

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