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8 Great Places to Retire Overseas


Retiring abroad doesn’t have to be an adventure. In fact, in some popular retiree havens, you can get by just fine without learning the local language and you can have dinner every night with other American expats. You may have to wait longer for Internet service and travel a little farther to find a good hospital, but these emerging retirement destinations offer low living costs, natural beauty and a lifestyle you won’t encounter in the U.S.

For ideas on destinations that are off the well-worn path, we talked to Dan Prescher, senior editor of and author of The International Living Guide to Retiring Overseas on a Budget; Kathleen Peddicord, founder of; and Betsy Burlingame, of We also consulted International Living’s Global Retirement Index, which ranks 24 countries popular with American retirees in eight categories ranging from climate to infrastructure.


Take a look at our eight overseas picks for adventurous retirees.


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