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10 Great Places to Retire

Courtesy Visit Sarasota County

Maybe you like the idea of retiring to a town where you’ll never wield a snow shovel again. Or trading your pricey home in a high-tax area for a more affordable city. Or ditching the suburban cul-de-sac for an urban neighborhood.

Our dream retirement places run the gamut: big and small, north and south, mountains and seashore, coast to coast. They all rank high on access to health care—a must for a retirement destination. Some are affordable, with a cost of living that’s at or below the national average (shown as 100). Others are more expensive, but with an attractive location and amenities for retirees who have deeper pockets. We also evaluate cities based on climate, walkability, housing costs compared with the national median ($200,000), tax-friendliness, culture and entertainment, and access to outdoor activities.


SOURCES: U.S. Climate Data, Clear Capital, Kiplinger Retiree Tax Map,, Council for Community and Economic Research.

Kaitlin Pitsker and Miriam Cross contributed to this slide show.


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