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Best of the Online Investment Advisers

Getting good investment advice doesn't require millions in the bank anymore. These days, an army of online advisers will offer low-cost solutions to the age-old question: How do I invest my money? Many will even do the trades for you, rebalance your portfolio periodically and suggest ways to minimize your taxes, too.

Some firms are more like financial planners; others pick investments for you. With help from Grant Easterbrook, an analyst for the research firm Corporate Insight, we focused on seven firms that offer specific investment advice online.

The diversified portfolios they recommend—typically after you answer questions about your risk tolerance and time horizon—hold only low-cost exchange-traded or mutual funds. Although many of these firms don’t have a long-term record, they list a lot of information on their Web sites. On most, you can view the recommended portfolios and see which funds they hold, along with recent performance.


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