Nine Ways to Teach Kids Good Money Habits at Any Age

These three tips for each of three age ranges keep money topics age-appropriate, starting with the concepts of accumulation and value.

A dad and his daughters smile while putting coins in clear jars.
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One of the top questions we receive from parents is, “How can I teach my child about money?” As a mother of two, this question ignites my passion for instilling positive money habits in the next generation.

Americans list money as their number one stressor in life. Our children are sponges for our words and thoughts. We have the privilege of shaping our children’s money beliefs and habits that will last them a lifetime. Understanding age-appropriate money topics is important, so let’s start with our youngest learners.

Ali Swart, CFP®, MBA
Managing Director – Wealth Planning, Waldron Private Wealth

Ali Swart is responsible for strategic leadership and management of Waldron’s Wealth Planning Team, focusing on providing a world class financial planning and client experience. In addition to her management and leadership responsibilities, Ali simplifies the wealth complexities for a select group of multigenerational ultra-high net worth families. Ali also leads Waldron’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion endeavors, co-hosts the Wealth Simplified podcast, and has a passion for increasing financial literacy and awareness.