Are You Financially Resilient? 5 Steps to Boost Your Economic Security

Being able to bounce back from adversity is a necessity, because chances are you’re going to face one (or more) setbacks during your lifetime. From a job loss to a health crisis, here’s how to take a punch, pick yourself up and get back in the fight.

A swimmer flexes her muscles at the beach before plunging into the surf.
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A young woman lost in the Land of Oz asks how to get back to Kansas. “If I were you,” she is unhelpfully told, “I wouldn’t start from Oz.” But if Oz is where you are, you have no choice; from there is where you must start.

That is how it is with many financial hardships. We must start where we are, in the thick of it.

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Jacob Schroeder, Manager of Investor Education
Manager of Investor Education, Advance Capital Management

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