Jacob Schroeder, Manager of Investor Education

Jacob Schroeder, Manager of Investor Education

Manager of Investor Education, Advance Capital Management

Jacob Schroeder is the Manager of Investor Education at Advance Capital Management (www.acadviser.com (opens in new tab)). He is also the creator of the personal finance newsletter The Root of All (https://rootofall.substack.com/ (opens in new tab)), exploring how money shapes our lives.

His goal is to help people make more informed financial decisions and live happier lives. In his role he creates a variety of educational materials to teach clients about investing and personal finance. You can read his weekly financial posts on Advance Capital Management’s Financial Living Blog (www.acadviser.com/education-center/ (opens in new tab)). 

His writing has been featured in publications such as Yahoo Finance, Wealth Management magazine, The Detroit News and, as a short-story writer, in various literary journals.

Phone: 800.345.4783 | E-mail: jschroeder@acadviser.com | Website: www.acadviser.com/ (opens in new tab) | LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jacob-schroeder/ (opens in new tab) | Twitter: @j_s_schroeder (opens in new tab)

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