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For more than 75 years, investors have been convinced they need to deal with salespeople to build their nest egg. Finding a salesperson is easy. But finding quality information from an experienced Financial Advisor who places their clients’ interest first seems rare.

When M3 Investment Services was founded in 1996, Michael Pesendorfer, CRC® and Michael  Bernhardt broke with industry norms of the time by emphasizing education, not sales. By setting up  their own independent firm instead of joining a large financial institution where sales quotas were the  norm, M3 began helping clients find solutions that best met their individual needs.  

By 2019, the financial services industry had finally begun to catch up with the company. “The DOL was  trying to enact legislation that would require all retirement advisors to act solely in the best interests of  clients. Many brokers and investment firms have been doing all they can to stop it,” says Pesendorfer,  a Certified Retirement Counselor®. “Rule or no rule, our group has been functioning as fiduciaries  from day one – always putting the best interest of our clients first. We didn’t need a mandate.” 

Pesendorfer has gathered an impressive team of 15 professionals who don’t worry about transactions,  but long-term relationships. As a boutique firm, M3 gives clients the attention they deserve. Clients  aren’t left to their own devices but are guided throughout their entire financial life -- from beginning  to save for their financial goals into living off of their retirement savings. Phones are answered by real  human beings. Not surprisingly, sales and incredible client loyalty follow naturally. 


Quality Products, Quality Service for All 


M3 also gambled on another fresh idea that many advisors would balk at – offer a complimentary  comprehensive financial plan to all clients without excessively high investment thresholds. Their  advisors believe everyone should have access to quality products and quality service – not just those  who pay a premium. 


“Only about 13% of families receive professional financial guidance. Worse, the very people who  could benefit the most from having a financial plan often can’t find the advice they’re looking for.  They haven’t yet accumulated enough assets for many firms to take them on as clients,” explains  Pesendorfer, a Former Advisor Council Chairman at his Broker-Dealer. “Having a comprehensive  financial plan in place gives them their best odds for reaching financial goals. Near-term goals such  as paying off college loans and saving for a second home, or long-term goals like financing their  children’s education, and saving for retirement, aren’t being left to chance.” 


M3’s clients are, more often than not, living average lives in middle-class neighborhoods. Some have  inherited money, but most have simply worked hard, lived within their means, saved and invested  regularly. These clients are primarily professionals – business owners, architects, engineers, healthcare  professionals, and educators. 

According to Pesendorfer, these are careful consumers who do their due diligence. For most, putting  their future into someone else’s hands and simply hope for the best is not an ideal option. So, M3  advisors help them develop a realistic plan, without any sugar-coated projections. They show them the  math behind the selections. After the plan is in place, clients can quickly check how well their assets  are working for them using M3’s online financial platform. They enjoy peace of mind knowing they are  on track toward saving for their goals or having the advance notice if they need to make adjustments. 


“We like to see our role as coach,” says Pesendorfer. “Our job is to teach someone and then walk side  by side with them to encourage and guide. It’s all about personal relationships.” 



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M3 25 Year Legacy in the Detroit Area 

The company celebrates their community  by giving back through community picnics,  blood drives, fundraisers, and complimentary  speaker events. M3 celebrates their 25th year  anniversary in 2021.


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