A Unique Perspective on Real Estate Investing

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Rise of the Gurus 

If you're like me, you're probably bombarded every day with an endless barrage of online gurus  promising effortless investment opportunities, exaggerated returns, all with little to no effort or  experience.  

Whilst this is nothing new, the exponential growth of social media, and platforms such as  Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have put guru-selling to the forefront. Providing social proof  and instant accessibility, these self-proclaimed masters of the universe dine on a near-infinite  buffet of readily available customers, keen to make a quick buck.  

So, should you listen? And who should you listen to? And how do you know what the next big thing is?  


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Investing in education  

As a single-family and stock investor, and someone that spent the last five years researching,  reading and listening to a cavalcade of real estate advice, stock market predictions, and angel investing opportunities, I believe there is a better way. Like any form of investment, investing in  real estate starts with investing in one’s self. A foundational education should be par for the  course before leaping into any opportunity.  

There are several key factors to consider when exploring any investment opportunity;  

Transparency, It starts with Transparency. What’s the return? How do you get paid?  How does the fund manager get paid? And importantly, what’s the level of risk?  Understanding, Does it feel like smoke or mirrors? Do you understand the mechanics?  Or how you’re going to get paid? How about how the principal partner gets paid?  

Risk, How comfortable are you in losing everything? Risk is something seldom talked  about, but is an important decision-making criteria. Like the stock market there is some  principles within real estate that will keep your investment safe.  


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Hands off vs. hands on investing  

Real estate and passive investing are often discussed in the same breath. The reality is far more  complex. As an investor in Single Family Home, I’ve lived and breathed the reality of ‘passive  investing’ from late night boiler breakdowns, chasing rent, qualifying tenants, arranging laundry  machine replacements, even triaging a flood and wrangling insurance companies. Passive sure  did seem like a lot of hours.  


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A holistic approach - the benefits of a REIT 

A key tenant of Tony Robbins book, Unshakeable, is that the smart money doesn’t try to guess  the market, but instead, buys the entire market. Tony is talking about index funds, but there is  another investment vehicle designed to safeguard returns through a holistic approach. REIT  investments funds take into account a wider portfolio. 

Unlike a single-family home, a REIT is less suspectable market changes or impact from tenants  moving out. For example, if there is a downturn in Florida and you invested across multiple  states via a REIT then you have some insulation against market changes. 

Buying a single-family home, or a 1 to 4 unit multifamily property for that matter, is much like  buying a single stock, hoping that that single stock appreciate and returns the dividends you  require. Buying a REIT distributes the risk and also takes a more holistic approach. It is why  invest in index funds because buying the whole market is more secure than buying a small piece  of. As a result REITs deliver a cash and non-cash performance way beyond that average single  family or 1 to 4 unit multi-family property. 


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Weathering a Storm 

Over the past twelve months, we’ve seen the perfect economic storm. Markets reacting to  global pandemics, inflation and retraction, payment defaults and mass unemployment have  made stock investment less than smooth sailing. Interestingly, REIT returns have exceeded  returns in the broad stock market during nearly two thirds of the past 20 years. In fact, REIT’s  outpaced stocks by almost 3% during the past 20 years. 


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