Mike Decker, NSSA®

Mike Decker, NSSA®

Author, Wealth Planner and Money Manager, Kedrec LLC

Mike Decker is the author of the book How to Retire on Time, creator of the Functional Wealth Protocol, and the founder of Kedrec, a Registered Investment Advisory firm located in Kansas that specializes in comprehensive wealth planning and management at a flat fee. He specializes in creating retirement plans designed to last longer than you™, without annuitized income streams or stock/bond portfolios. 

In addition to helping people achieve their financial goals, Decker continues to act as a national coach to other financial advisers and frequently contributes to nationally recognized publications. 

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Phone: (855) 5KEDREC or (855) 553-3732 | Email: plan@kedrec.com | Website: www.kedrec.com

Twitter: @MikeKedrec | LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/mikekedrec

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