Tax Tip 2016: Deduct Student-Loan Interest Paid by Your Parents

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2016 Tax Return Tip: Deduct Student-Loan Interest Paid by Your Parents

Write off the interest as long as you're not claimed as a dependent.

Generally, you can deduct interest only if you are legally required to repay the debt. But if parents pay back a child's student loans, the IRS treats the transactions as if the money were given to the child, who then paid the debt.

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So as long as the child is no longer claimed as a dependent, he or she can deduct up to $2,500 of student-loan interest paid by Mom and Dad each year. And he or she doesn't have to itemize to use this money-saver.

Mom and Dad can't claim the interest deduction even if they actually foot the bill because they are not liable for the debt.

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