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A Retiree's Guide to Key Dates in 2019

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When ringing in a new year, many people resolve to be better organized or improve how they manage their finances. “On January 1st, you should be waking up thinking, ‘What is my overall game plan for this year?’ ” says Sean Scaturro, a certified financial planner with USAA. Scaturro suggests developing a road map for this year’s financial journey. After all, the start of a new year is a great time to assess your financial situation and make plans to improve it.

To make that easier, this calendar highlights the critical dates that are pertinent to preretirees and retirees for 2019, covering categories such as taxes and health care. Miss a deadline, and it could sock your finances. So print out these pages and post them on your fridge, or set reminders on an online calendar to avoid forgetting a crucial deadline.

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