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6 Women Who Built Successful Businesses by Age 35


Women entrepreneurs account for 7.8 million out of 27.1 million business owners in the U.S., according to the latest data available from the Census Bureau's Survey of Business Owners. Among these female entrepreneurs, 11.4% are ages 25 to 34. That works out to 855,481 companies run by young women.

Women choose entrepreneurship over corporate America for a variety of reasons. Some young women experience early burnout as a result of today's fast-paced office culture; others feel pressured to work twice as hard as their male counterparts to prove their worth. Still others see growth opportunities dry up once they hit the proverbial glass ceiling. Whatever the case, millennial women entrepreneurs are paving a promising and profitable path for future generations.


If you're set on starting your own business, we have some inspiration for you. The six young women we profile, including Rent the Runway's Jennifer Hyman and's Alexa von Tobel, decided to ditch the corporate life for one in which they make the rules. All of these women are under 35, started their companies from the bottom up and have managed to expand their businesses substantially in a short time. Here are their stories.


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