Inside the Kiplinger Advisor Collective: Broaden Your Influence in the Financial Industry

Take a look at what this exclusive membership has to offer and how you can join today.

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Are you a seasoned financial professional with a wealth of experience waiting to be shared? Do you dream of expanding your influence within the industry and connecting with like-minded peers? The Kiplinger Advisor Collective is the ultimate platform for personal financial experts like yourself. 

This exclusive community provides a space to have your work published, exchange insights, engage in discussions on industry topics and, most important, have your voice heard. Join the Kiplinger Advisor Collective today and unlock new opportunities to collaborate, grow and establish yourself as a prominent figure in the personal financial world.

Build your brand and make a name for yourself

The Kiplinger Advisor Collective offers you a platform to elevate your professional brand and gain recognition within the personal finance industry. By becoming a member, you gain access to a community of professionals who are actively seeking to build valuable connections and share their expertise. 

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Whether you're an industry veteran or a rising star, the Collective provides the ideal environment to showcase your knowledge, establish thought leadership and leave a lasting impact on your peers.

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Unrivaled access to publishing professionals

Have your work published in the magazine and online! One of the unique benefits of the Kiplinger Advisor Collective is its ability to bridge the gap between financial experts and Kiplinger's esteemed editorial team. As a member, you have the opportunity to pitch stories, contribute ideas and share real-life examples directly with the editorial team. 

This direct line of communication allows you to shape industry narratives, influence financial discussions and gain exposure on a respected platform. By leveraging this connection, you can amplify your reach and extend your influence beyond the Collective's community.

Collaboration and growth opportunities

The Kiplinger Advisor Collective is more than just a platform; it's a thriving community of professionals committed to collaboration and growth. By joining, you'll have the chance to work with fellow members, exchanging the latest best practices and staying ahead of industry trends. 

The Collective fosters an environment of shared learning and mutual support, where your insights and experiences are valued. This unique ecosystem empowers you to broaden your knowledge, refine your skills and forge valuable connections that can propel your career to new heights.

A screengrab from the Kiplinger Advisor Collective.

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If you are ready to take your financial expertise to the next level, join the Kiplinger Advisor Collective today and position yourself as a leading voice within the industry. Don't miss out on this exclusive chance to extend your professional reach and make a lasting impact. 


Alexandra Svokos
Senior Digital Editor

Alexandra Svokos is the senior digital editor of Kiplinger. She holds an MBA from NYU Stern in finance and management and a BA in economics and creative writing from Columbia University. Alexandra has a decade of experience in journalism, specializing in online newsrooms. She previously served as the senior editor of digital for ABC News, where she directed daily news coverage across topics through major events of the early 2020s for the network's website. Before that, she pioneered politics and election coverage for Elite Daily and went on to serve as the senior news editor for that group. 

Alexandra was recognized with an "Up & Comer" award at the 2018 Folio: Top Women in Media awards, and she was asked twice by the Nieman Journalism Lab to contribute to their annual journalism predictions feature. She has also been asked to speak on panels and give presentations on the future of media, including by the Center for Communication and Twipe.