Tyler Harrison, Fiduciary Adviser, AIFA

Tyler Harrison, Fiduciary Adviser, AIFA

Founder, Efficient Plan, LLC

Tyler Harrison is an Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst (AIFA®) who has been working in the banking and finance field since 2005. Through his work as an independent investment adviser, Tyler noticed an industrywide need for honest, transparent and conflict-free service within the niche of corporate retirement plans. Aspiring to be the change, Tyler founded Efficient Plan in 2013, an investment advisory firm focused on corporate 401(k) plans and fiduciary services.

As an investment adviser and the firm's founder, Tyler is committed to helping plan sponsors and plan advisers reach their fiduciary responsibilities and plan goals through efficiency optimization, intelligent design and proven technology to increase participant enrollment and individual contributions to the plans. He interacts closely with plan sponsors to help them manage and monitor their company's plan, with an emphasis on minimizing fiduciary liability and exposure.

Office: 888.535.6347
Mobile: 940.595.0868

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