Matthew Schuller, IAR
President and founder, BrightPath Wealth Management

Matthew Schuller wants his clients to know how their money is working for them. He wants people to learn about wealth management. The more they know, the better he feels he's done his job as their wealth manager. He takes his responsibility as a fiduciary seriously, because he knows how much good wealth management can mean to an individual client's situation. ​

Matthew has eight years of experience working for a large financial products wholesaler, where he has helped advisers and insurance agents tailor products to their clients' portfolios. He knows how important good wealth management is on a personal level, too, because he's seen loved ones who were forced to work through their retirements because of bad financial advice. He doesn't want another family to go through what his family has gone through.

When he's not at work, Matthew enjoys spending time with his wife, Ali, and his two boys, Beckett and Hudson. He also loves coaching, running and volunteering.

Phone: 913.575.4365 Website:

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