Peter Krull, CSRIC®

Peter Krull, CSRIC®

Director of Sustainable Investing and Partner, Earth Equity Advisors

Peter Krull is the Partner and Director of Sustainable Investments at Earth Equity Advisors, a Prime Capital Investment Advisors company, and has been specializing in sustainable, responsible and impact (SRI) investing for nearly 20 years. He earned the Chartered SRI Counselor® from the College for Financial Planning and has been a member of the Investopedia 100 list of the most influential financial advisers in America. 

Peter is a longtime advocate for sustainable, fossil-fuel-free investing, and works hard to educate his clients and the public on greenwashing in the SRI/ESG industry. He is the host of Dollars & Change, a podcast about sustainable and responsible investing, and he believes strongly in the power of positive, solutions-based sustainable investing focused on the economy of tomorrow.

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