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January 18, 2017

Qualifying for the Retirement Savers' Tax Credit

Retirees who earned too much money in the past may now qualify for this credit.

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January 2017

Tax Deductions for Independent Contractors

Write-offs for business expenses will help offset your self-employed income.

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January 12, 2017

As the College Bills Approach, Ratchet Down Risk in a 529 Savings Plan

When your son or daughter enters high school, or even before, start shifting some of the money from aggressive funds into more-conservative ones.

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January 6, 2017

8 Smart Financial Moves for the New Year

Our New Year's resolution is to help you improve your finances in 2017. Start with these strategies.

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From Kiplinger's Personal Finance, February 2017

How Speeding Tickets Affect Your Car Insurance Premiums

To minimize the sting of higher rates, see if you can get credit for taking a remedial driving course.

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December 30, 2016

Personal-Finance Columnist Kim Lankford's Best Money-Saving Tactics of 2016

Save thousands with our practical guidance on real-life questions about saving for retirement, paying for health care, cutting taxes and more.

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December 20, 2016

Why You Should Make a Charity the Heir to Your IRA

A charity doesn't have to pay taxes on the gift. And if you leave your heirs taxable investments instead, they probably won’t owe taxes on them, either.

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December 14, 2016

Managing Medicare Part B Premium Increases

If your modified adjusted gross income in 2015 was above a certain amount, you'll face a high-income surcharge on your premium.

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December 9, 2016

Last-Minute Ways to Spend Down Your Flexible Spending Account

Many firms that used to give employees until March to spend FSA funds now allow only $500 to be carried over to the New Year.

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From Kiplinger's Personal Finance, January 2017

Think Twice Before Declining Medicare Part D Coverage

If you decide you want it later, you'll have to pay a monthly late penalty for life.

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From Kiplinger's Personal Finance, January 2017

What You Should Know About Brokerage Account Fraud Protection

If you share your user name or password with a person or service, you may have a tougher time getting the brokerage firm to pay a claim.

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December 5, 2016

Even Retirees Working Part-Time Can Contribute to a Roth IRA

You can stash as much as you earned for the year in a Roth, up to $5,500 plus an extra $1,000 if you’re 50 or older.

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From Kiplinger's Personal Finance, January 2017

What Parents Should Know About Taxes on Custodial Accounts

If your child turns 21 and is still a full-time student, the account can still get hit with taxes.

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From Kiplinger's Personal Finance, January 2017

Should You Cancel Your Credit Card?

Beware: Your credit score could take a hit.

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December 1, 2016

Social Security Taxes Will Nick More of Your Earnings in 2017

The maximum amount of earnings on which you pay Social Security taxes is rising to $127,200, up from $118,500 in 2016.

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November 23, 2016

FAQs About Required Minimum Distributions for Retirement Accounts

If you're older than 70½, the deadline for taking RMDs is New Year's Eve. Start the process now to beat the end-of-year rush—and to dodge the penalty for missing the deadline.

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November 18, 2016

How to Get a Job for the Holiday Season

Many employers started hiring in October and early November, but it's not too late to apply for a seasonal job now.

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