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July 21, 2017

What to Do With a 529 College-Savings Plan When a Disabled Child Can’t Attend College

Families can avoid the penalty when money in a 529 plan isn’t used for college if the beneficiary meets the IRS definition of disability. You have other options to avoid the penalty, too.

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July 19, 2017

10 Things You Need to Know About Health Savings Accounts

Health Savings Accounts are a tax-friendly way for workers to pay medical bills today and well into retirement. These strategies can help boost the funds in your HSA for when you need them the most.

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July 14, 2017

When to Sign Up for Medigap and Prescription-Drug Coverage

You can limit out-of-pocket medical costs left by the gaps in Medicare by shopping for medigap, prescription drug and Medicare Advantage policies. But timing is key.

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July 12, 2017

Don’t Overlook These Tax Credits for College

College students—or their parents— may be eligible for one of two tax credits that help offset the cost of tuition and other higher education expenses.

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July 7, 2017

Opening an ABLE Account

Money in one of these state-sponsored accounts can be used tax-free to cover expenses for a disabled person. Here’s what it takes to qualify and the documents you need.

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From Kiplinger's Personal Finance, August 2017

Prepaid Cards & Teen Checking

Some solid options to make sure your traveling teen isn't penniless.

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June 30, 2017

6 Ways to Trim the Cost of Car Insurance for a Teen Driver

Your teen may qualify for discounts, but first shop around for less-pricey coverage

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June 28, 2017

What to Know About Reimbursements From 529 Plans

You can withdraw money tax-free for tuition, required books and fees, and even a computer and related software.

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June 23, 2017

What to Know About Enrolling in Medicare Part B

Sign up for Medicare Part B no later than eight months after you leave your job or you could be hit with lifetime penalties.

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June 20, 2017

Beware the Impact on RMDs When Reversing a Roth IRA Conversion

The amount of money that you recharacterize needs to be added back to your traditional IRA balance for year-end 2016 to calculate your 2017 required minimum distribution.

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June 16, 2017

What Kids Starting Jobs Should Know About Taxes

Income from your child's summer job can help fund a long-term financial plan.

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June 13, 2017

Paying for Off-Campus Housing with a 529 Plan

Your student's room and board could be covered tax-free for an entire 12-month lease, even if he or she only takes classes for nine months of the year.

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June 12, 2017

When Long-Term-Care Policies Kick In

Most policies pay when you need help with two of six activities of daily living or you are cognitively impaired. And most have a waiting period of 60 or 90 days.

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June 7, 2017

How to Speed Up a Life Insurance Payout

If you have the policy and death certificate when you file a claim, it may take as few as five business days to receive a check.

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From Kiplinger's Personal Finance, July 2017

How to Fix Your Social Security Earnings Record

Gather evidence of your earnings and make a call to the Social Security Administration.

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From Kiplinger's Personal Finance, July 2017

Medicare and Home Care

Know the rules for custodial assistance for your loved one.

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June 2, 2017

Self-Employed? Go Ahead, Make That IRA Contribution

Your IRA contributions don't affect your Simplified Employee Pension or solo 401(k) limits.

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