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3 Reasons to Own Apple Stock in Retirement

Courtesy Apple Inc.

There's a well-worn playbook when it comes to selecting stocks for retirees' portfolios. Giant value stocks, preferably blue chips, with strong balance sheets, dependable dividends and a history of hiking those payouts are usually the go-to picks. Ordinarily, such names are found in defensive sectors such as telecommunications, utilities and consumer staples.

Against those criteria, Apple (symbol AAPL) wouldn't appear to be a good fit. Long considered a growth stock, it's situated in the more volatile technology sector. After all, tech stocks are always at risk of being disrupted. Today's darlings are too often tomorrow's afterthoughts. Besides, Apple has only paid a dividend for a handful of years now, and it's not all that generous relative to its profits.


Yet there's a strong argument to be made for Apple as part of a diversified retirement portfolio. From cash stockpiles to valuation to the sheer strength of its brand, Apple is poised to be an income machine. Consider these three reasons why.

Prices and related figures are as of December 7, unless otherwise indicated.


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