Wesley N. Price, CFP®

Wesley N. Price, CFP®

Personal Wealth Strategist, Prosperity Partners Wealth Management

Wesley N. Price, CFP® is a senior partner in Prosperity Partners Wealth Management and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional with over 23 years of financial planning and investment experience. He started his own firm in 1992 with the objective of providing independent, reliable, quality service.

Price specializes in helping clients make smart decisions that will enhance their financial independence and quality of life, now and in the future. He loves helping clients plan for and enjoy a flourishing retirement.

Using innovative software and Vision Coaching, a deep discovery process that goes beyond goals to uncover dreams, aspirations, priorities and concerns, he helps clients create a vision of their "ideal" future. They can review multiple "What if…" scenarios. Once they select the "best fit" strategies, for their situation and goals, he and the team take care of the details to keep them on track toward their best possible future.

Primary office number: 865.523.9009
Secondary office number: 865.690.0049
E-mail: wes@prosperitypartnerswm.com

4 Keys to a Happy and Prosperous Retirement

4 Keys to a Happy and Prosperous Retirement

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November 1, 2017