Gregory Oray, Investment Adviser, MSF

Gregory Oray, Investment Adviser, MSF

CEO, Oray King Wealth Advisors

Gregory H. Oray is the president and investment adviser representative of Oray King Wealth Advisors. With a bachelor's degree in business and a master's degree in finance (MSF) from Walsh College School of Business, Greg entered the financial services industry over 10 years ago to dedicate his time and energy toward assisting individuals and their families with lasting financial guidance. 

His background in education, coupled with his industry experience, provides him with a high degree of knowledge in the financial services business. Greg sees people as individuals with real needs and understands that their life is very different from others.

Greg loves to golf, ski, travel and spend time with his partner, Madelyn, and their two Golden Retrievers, Mac and Charlie.

Office: 248.733.4905


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