Justin Grossbard

Justin Grossbard

Co-Founder, CompareForexBrokers.com and CEO, Innovate Online

Justin’s work has appeared in major publications including Entrepreneur, Finance Magnates and Money Show. Justin has expertise in trading, personal finance and digital marketing. He holds a Commerce degree with honours and Master's in Marketing from Monash University. Justin is the CEO of the digital agency Innovate Online, which he founded 11 years ago. The agency provides direct marketing solutions to some of the largest globally listed companies, and he also assists with small-business start-ups. Previously, he worked for one of the largest advertising agencies with listed financial institutions as clients from ANZ bank to NIB health insurance. 

He also worked in the UK as marketing manager for a health and safety firm and before that at Federal Highway Administration (VicRoads) in the finance division. 

He also co-founded the finance website Compare Forex Brokers, which publishes reviews about brokerages to help traders reduce trading fees. Within the US, the site focuses on helping traders select a CFTC-regulated broker based on spreads and trading software features.

E-mail: justin@compareforexbroker.scom  | Websites: www.compareforexbrokers.com  and www.innovateonline.com.au  | Facebook: www.facebook.com/CompareForexBrokers  | LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/compare-forex-brokers | Twitter: @compare_forex

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