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28 Financial Web Sites for Military Families

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Kimberly Lankford reviews the best Web sites for military families.

1. Better Business Bureau can help you check out businesses in your new town. BBB Military Line focuses on information specifically for members of the military.

2. Investor Protection Trust. The site is packed with information about investing and protecting your money, including resources specifically for the military.

3. North American Securities Administrators Association. This site includes links to state securities regulators, tips on avoiding scams, and other valuable information for investors.

4. The Securities and Exchange Commission's military site tracks enforcement actions regarding military sales practices and affinity fraud, and provides general investor education.

5. alerts military families to active scams, includes advice on saving and investing, and provides resources for checking out advisers.

6. offers advice on all aspects of personal finance for military families, plus links to information about discount and support programs.

7. focuses on strategies for building savings and reducing debt, and includes success stories from service-members who made savings a priority. The site also highlights special programs during Military Saves week (the last week in February).

8. Department of Veterans Affairs SGLI. Visit this site for in-depth information about Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance.

9. Defense Credit Union Council includes contact information for credit unions on base, and other financial information for servicemembers.

10. covers all personal-finance topics, from saving and investing to insurance, taxes and financial planning.

11. includes helpful information from a variety of government resources about budgeting, taxes, home-ownership, credit and avoiding scams.

12. features details about the Thrift Savings Plan for military personnel.

13. MilitaryPay includes information about military and retired pay, benefits and savings.

14. ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions offers budget, housing and debt counseling. You can reach a financial specialist at 877-465-2227 or meet in person at their offices near military bases in Illinois, Maryland, Missouri, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and Washington.

15. National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ military site. This site focuses on special insurance considerations for members of the military, and includes contact information for state insurance regulators.

16. is a clearinghouse for information related to all things military, including deployment, legal rights and finances.

17. Armed Forces Legal Assistance explains the special legal rights of members of the military and includes contact information for legal-assistance offices at nearby bases.

18. Military Homefront. This Department of Defense Web site focuses on resources and benefits for military families.

19. MyArmyBenefits, includes information about military pay and benefits, transition information, tax rules and other military benefits by state and life event.

20. Armed Forces Tax Guide, IRS Publication 3 explains special tax rules for military personnel.

21. U.S. Department of Justice service-members' and veterans' rights page provides information about special legal rights of members of the military and veterans.

22. helps active-duty personnel, reservists and members of the National Guard and their families prepare for deployment.

23. National Military Family Association features resources to help military families prepare for deployment and deal with other financial issues.

24. Department of Veterans Affairs VA loan site includes detailed information about VA loans.

Additional Resources

The following sites include information about benefits and support for military families:


Air Force


Marine Corps

Find more advice at our: Personal Finance Guide for Military Families

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