How You Can Get a 5% Return, Liquidity, and Support Our Veterans

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Mark L. Rockefeller, co-founder and CEO of StreetShares, explains how Veteran Business Bonds work and what’s in it for investors.

After serving in the U.S. Air Force for nine years, attorney Mark L. Rockefeller was ready for new challenges. He returned from Iraq in May 2008, just as the financial crisis was starting. After an academic stint at Columbia University, he joined a Wall Street law firm. But he felt something was missing, and he personally longed to help the military community that had become like family.

Tens of thousands of military veterans were leaving the service and starting businesses. But banks weren’t lending to support this special breed of business owners. In 2013, Rockefeller partnered with Mickey Konson, a senior executive and credit expert at Capital One. Together, the two created StreetShares.

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In a recent conversation, Rockefeller shared details about the offering and how investors can benefit from doing good.

"I believe it’s possible to do good and do well financially at the same time."

What’s the big idea?

StreetShares offers Veteran Business Bonds, through which individual investors fund a pool of capital, for which they receive a 5% fixed interest rate and liquidity. StreetShares in turn lends that capital out, along with institutional capital and capital from its own balance sheet, to military veterans and other main street business owners.

StreetShares is not a bank with expensive overhead and branch offices. Rather, StreetShares is an online lender that can efficiently assess risk and deploy capital to qualified businesses. Military veteran business owners are able to secure funding for their small businesses at rates that are often lower than the rates offered by other institutions.

Tell us why you started StreetShares.

After leaving military service, veterans go into business at a higher rate than the rest of the population. But they can run into difficulty getting small business loans because they often lack the capital that banks and other traditional lenders require. StreetShares provides the critical funding they need, and at lower interest rates than they typically can find elsewhere. And Veteran Business Bonds are a major source of lending capital for StreetShares.

How do investors benefit?

Investors get a flat 5% return, and the investment is liquid. It’s only a three-year note. If you would like to withdraw earlier than that, we’ll only charge you a 1% penalty. However, on every anniversary of your investment we give you a two-week window when you can withdraw penalty free. For details, please see our Offering Statement available at or accessible through our site at We’ve also put an Offering Summary together as a great place to start learning about Veteran Business Bonds.

What protections do investors have?

StreetShares is not a traditional peer-to-peer lender. Investors are not taking pass-through risk on any particular underlying loan we make. Rather, the funds are diversified across all of our loans which helps further decrease risk.

We can make this commitment because we trust our underwriting. But beyond that, there is something special. We’re harnessing the social loyalty that exists in the military community. We’re not a bank. We’re not a hedge fund. Veterans know that when they borrow money, it’s coming from fellow veterans and patriotic supporters. Because of that, we see better repayment rates. We’ve even had cases where a small business borrower fails, but the borrower keeps paying back the loan because they don’t want to let people down.

In essence, we harness the loyalty within the military community and channel that to make financial transactions safer. That’s our secret sauce.

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