Invest in the Startup Making Real Estate Investing More Accessible For Millions

Everyday investors have been left out of the real estate market because they can’t afford to invest or lack the time, energy or expertise required to manage and maintain properties. 

reAlpha is changing that with a first-of-its-kind tech platform that allows members part-ownership of various properties in the company’s vacation rental portfolio. 

But for a limited time, investors can purchase shares in reAlpha itself as the company grows its property portfolio and gets ready to launch the investing platform. 

Here’s how it works… 

How reAlpha’s Platform Democratizes Real Estate Investing

Short-term rentals – also known as vacation rentals – make up a $1.2 trillion global market. Experts at S&P Global have also recently shown that this industry is defying inflation. 

That number continues to grow as people realize that short-term rentals have 70% higher revenue potential than long-term*. 

Using a combination of proprietary AI and in-house real estate professionals, reAlpha finds the most viable short-term investment properties on the market, then buys, renovates, and rents them out Airbnb-style. 

Their platform will give users a share of these coveted vacation properties through fractional ownership, significantly lowering the barrier to entry for the everyday investor. 

This also cuts down on the traditional timeline of owning a rental property. Where researching, buying, and renovating can drag on for months, reAlpha members can own shares of property in minutes.

Users can form syndicates with each other as well as communicate and vote on how properties are managed. Best of all, their portfolio can grow as reAlpha expands. 

Here’s how reAlpha is already making a name for itself in the $1.2T industry. 

reAlpha’s Traction Proves A Growing Demand For Vacation Rental Ownership

A large part of what separates reAlpha in this industry is the tech and infrastructure that enables the company to purchase and manage the best properties more efficiently than anyone else. 

In fact, reAlpha already owns numerous properties in Orlando, Florida that are currently generating revenue. 

And a number of major industry players have recognized reAlpha’s potential. The company recently received an investment from $1.3 billion real estate holding company, Crawford Hoying, and opened new global offices in India, Nepal, and Brazil.

Plus, the reAlpha just signed one of the largest financing deals in short-term real estate history, opening up $200 million in credit from Churchill Real Estate to help the company build its portfolio of properties. Right after that, they announced a $40.8 million equity deal with a Singapore-based asset management firm to acquire $200 million worth of homes across California, Arizona, Florida and Tennessee.

And reAlpha will continue to expand that portfolio with the help of a newly-formed brokerage under the reAlpha umbrella, reAlpha Realty, LLC. 

The brokerage was officially recognized in September 2022, based out of Florida. It will help reAlpha expand their network of real estate brokers, builders, and developers to better inform and speed up the underwriting process. 

Now, with the potential to acquire more quality properties, even faster, reAlpha is giving investors the unique opportunity to invest in its business.

Become a reAlpha Shareholder

reAlpha is currently hosting an investment round to further expand its vacation rental portfolio and give everyday investors exposure to this lucrative asset class. 

Learn more and become a reAlpha shareholder here. The opportunity to invest ends on December 8th.


*The +70% was calculated using Zillow's listed monthly rents for specific properties in various popular cities (available at on 7/19/2022) as compared to the specific properties respective annual rental revenue divided by 12 (to be on a per month basis) from AirDNA's Rentalizer tool. Information utilized for calculations from AirDNA (available at https:/ available 7/19/2022)

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