Combat a Possible Recession with Digital Fractional Real Estate Investing

Find out how it revolutionizes your path to building passive income.

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In a recent Gallup survey, retirement outlook hit an 11-year low, with 57% of non-retired respondents expressing concerns that they wouldn’t have enough money to be comfortable when they stop working. The high cost of living, banking sector turmoil, and the risk of recession have clouded Americans' retirement prospects.

Amidst today's economic uncertainty, it's vital for individuals to proactively devise a strategy to cover income and spending expectations. While each situation is unique, following general principles is important to ensure financial stability and security.

Predictable sources of income

We generally recommend covering essentials with predictable sources of passive income. While you may already be invested in stocks or mutual funds, building a balanced portfolio and diversifying income from various sources is crucial to establish the resilience you desire.

Real estate is often viewed as a key asset class to include in a long-term portfolio. It has a proven track record of weathering economic downturns, acting as a reliable hedge against inflation while preserving purchasing power. 

Over the past four decades, American housing prices have consistently outpaced the Consumer Price Index (CPI). This makes real estate an attractive option for capital appreciation in addition to its reliable monthly cash flow.

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Diversify and thrive in digital fractional real estate

Traditionally, real estate has been associated with high capital constraints and daunting transactional and management processes, limiting access to the privileged few. However, the rise of digital fractional investment has revolutionized the industry, democratizing real estate for everyday Americans. 

Ark7, an online real estate investment app, has paved the way for individuals to participate in this lucrative market. By offering fractional ownership starting at just $20 per share, Ark7 allows investors to diversify their portfolios across high-yield properties nationwide, presenting a unique avenue for wealth accumulation.

Consistent cash flow, plus appreciation potential

Investing in rental properties through Ark7 provides investors with reliable and predictable cash flow. Ark7's portfolio of professionally managed rental operations boasts an average annualized dividend rate of 5% and higher, ensuring a steady stream of passive income. 

The comprehensive property and tenant management services provided by Ark7 make owning rental properties hassle-free, offering true passive earnings. Additionally, with property values forecasted to increase by more than 10%, investors can potentially enjoy total returns of over 15% annually.

Access real estate investments with ease

Getting started with Ark7 is seamless and user-friendly. After purchasing rental properties and completing the securitization process under SEC Regulation A+, Ark7 lists fractional ownership shares on their platform. Each share represents a stake in an LLC holding the property, entitling investors to a portion of the monthly rental income after operating expenses. 

Ark7's award-winning investor app, available on iOS and Android devices, simplifies real estate investing, allowing users to browse and invest in rental properties across prime markets with just a few taps.

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With the Ark7 investor app, users can:

  • Explore curated, income-generating properties in top markets across the U.S.;
  • Learn about all property details to make an informed investment decision;
  • Purchase property shares;
  • Trade on a secondary market; and
  • Manage shares and track distributions.

Download Ark7 App and invest today!

Verified excellence

Ark7's commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is evident through their outstanding ratings of 4+ stars across app stores and Trustpilot. The user-friendly design ensures a seamless and intuitive experience, prioritizing simplicity and convenience for investors. Read the reviews from real investors who have successfully navigated the fractional real estate market through Ark7.

Empower your financial future today

One of the biggest financial mistakes many of us make is thinking that substantial savings are required to embark on investment journeys. Today's technology empowers younger generations to take charge of their financial future and start small. 

By embracing digital fractional real estate investing with Ark7, individuals can combat financial uncertainties with yet another secure, diverse and transparent way to invest in real estate and build passive income with confidence.

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