John M. Graves, Esq., IAR, Agent

John M. Graves, Esq., IAR, Agent

Owner, G&H Financial Group

John Graves takes pride in guiding his clients through the demanding retirement planning process with customized plans molded to help withstand whatever the future holds. John specializes in retirement planning and working with clients pre- and post-retirement who desire to protect their money and ensure it is there when they need it most. John and his team at G&H Financial Group pride themselves on building and maintaining long-lasting relationships with their clients and families.

John’s career has always been in finance and asset protection. After law school he went to work for U.S. Bank N.A. Direct Lending in consumer financing as a federal regulatory officer.

Raised in the bluegrass fields of Lexington, Kentucky, the heart of thoroughbred horse racing country, his parents and grandparents taught him that family and faith are the foundation of a successful life. John and his wife, Lindsay, with their four children, support that belief with their continuous involvement in the community and their faith. Family is what drives John to continue his passion for retirement planning. John has made it his mission to educate and teach others what they can do to assist that their retirement goals turn into reality.

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