Ask Kim

Kim Lankford answers your questions about managing money -- specifically, insurance and taxes -- twice a week.

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How the Medicare Part D Coverage Gap Will Affect You in 2017

The cost of prescription drugs will begin to drop for beneficiaries.

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Kip Tips

A daily dose of actionable insights, culled from the latest Kiplinger content and from across the web, to help you make and save more money.

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Little-Known Ways to Pay In-State Tuition Rates at Out-of-State Colleges

A public college in another state may not be out of your financial reach.

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Stock Watch

The Kiplinger investing team identifies stocks and market trends that you and your portfolio can't ignore.

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3 Great Stocks to Get Dividends Every October

Whether you’re pulling in a paycheck or living off investments, dividends can be a great way to reel in some cash.

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Fund Watch

The Kiplinger investing team tracks the latest news and trends in mutual fund investing.

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A Value Line Fund Breaks With Tradition

The manager of Value Line Mid Cap Focused goes for companies with rising profits and climbing share prices.

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Value Added

Steve Goldberg delivers must-read investing insights.

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Gamblers Are Surprisingly Accurate at Picking the Next President

Polls show a tight race for the White House, but betting sites have the odds firmly favoring Clinton.

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Tax Tips

Our experts will count down moves to make to lower your tax bill.

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How to Handle Taxes on Company Stock

Shares from your employer can equal a big payout, but it pays to know the rules.

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Rethinking Retirement

Kiplinger's retirement experts help you navigate major issues affecting how to plan for retirement.

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How Couples Can Retire in Harmony

Strategies to get on the same page – or chart a new course.

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Money & Ethics

Knight Kiplinger delivers definitive answers to ethical challenges involving money at home and in the office.

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How Much Notice Should You Give Your Boss When You Quit?

Is quitting without giving your boss notice unethical?

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Money Smart Kids

Editor Janet Bodnar tackles tricky money-management topics for parents and their children.

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The Tooth Fairy Is Leaving Less Under Pillows These Days

The average amount that the Tooth Fairy gives kids is down 10% from last year.

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Drive Time

Insights and tactics for scoring deals on wheels - whether buying or selling, new or used.

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Buy a Used Car Online Without Haggling

Hate negotiating? You can pick up a car as easily as a new pair of shoes—or a date—with these online services.

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Income Investing

Jeff Kosnett reports on the fixed-income side of investing.

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Another October Surprise Isn't in the Cards for Investors This Year

My main argument for continued tranquillity in the markets: Interest rates are likely to remain low for the foreseeable future.

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Washington Matters

Keen analysis and fresh reporting on the latest political developments affecting your business – from the editors of the Kiplinger letters.

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Clinton on Track to Win 2016 Presidential Election

Trump can win the White House, but faces an uphill climb.

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Practical Economics

The Kiplinger Letter’s economics team helps you make sense of the latest economic data and trends.

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A Housing Shortage Looms: Builders Can’t Keep Up

Starter homes especially are becoming scarce.

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Opening Shot

James Glassman writes monthly about economic and investing trends.

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12 Stocks to Buy No Matter Who the Next President Is

The U.S.'s long-neglected infrastructure is set to get a spending boost, and these stocks stand to benefit.

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From the Editor

Straightshooting personal-finance guidance from editor Janet Bodnar.

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What Investors Should Do in Today's Market

Before you make a move, know how much risk you can handle.

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My Point of View

Tap into the mind of Kiplinger editor-in-chief Knight Kiplinger.

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R.I.P.: A Good Journalist, Good Boss, Good Father

Journalist and philanthropist Austin H. Kiplinger led the Kiplinger Washington Editors for decades.

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Your Mind, Your Money

Discover how investor psychology and behavioral finance affect your portfolio and your bottom line.

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The Power of Peer Pressure

Comparing yourself with others may provide a helpful nudge when it comes to saving for retirement or staying healthy.

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Going Long

Jeremy Siegel writes about investing for the long run.

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Why Investors Shouldn't Be Afraid of Inflation

An inflation rate of 2% to 3% is good for stocks because it gives companies the power to raise prices, which helps boost profits.

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Practical Investing

Follow columnist Kathy Kristof as she shares lessons from her real-life investment portfolio.

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How Doing Nothing Can Pay Off for Investors

For the three-month period during which I essentially ignored my investments, the Practical Investing portfolio rose 10%.

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Building Wealth

Experienced financial planners share fresh insights and best practices for working with clients to build and protect wealth.

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5 Financial Roadblocks to a Secure Retirement

Preparing yourself for these potential pitfalls can help ensure that you're able to afford the life you want after you retire.

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