How to Find a Lost Tax Form

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How to Find a Lost Tax Form

You might be able to request a transcript from the IRS.


I made after-tax contributions to my traditional IRA years ago, but I can’t find my Form 8606. How do I avoid getting taxed on this money again? --D.G., Seattle

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You should have filed Form 8606 with the IRS every year you made nondeductible IRA contributions. The form reports your basis so you avoid paying taxes twice when the money is withdrawn. Search your records for copies of Form 5498, which your IRA administrator sends to report contributions, or look for contributions on your brokerage statements. Match that information with your old tax returns to see what you deducted.

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If you don’t have those records, you can request a transcript from the IRS. An enrolled agent or other tax specialist can access IRS e-services for you and get the numbers, says Jeffrey Schneider, an enrolled agent in Port St. Lucie, Fla. For a list of enrolled agents, see

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