The Practical Investing Portfolio

Columnist Kathy Kristof put her real money into the market so she could help you be a better investor.

Kiplinger’s columnist and author of Investing 101 Kathy Kristof took approximately $200,000 of her own money and divided it into two pieces — $10,000 going into Vanguard Total Stock Market Index ETF (symbol VTI), and the rest going into individual stocks that she selected.

Kristof has ended her active management of the portfolio. In the table below, you can review the portfolio’s performance over its 7.5 year run.

Ares CapitalARCC$10,037.681290.392$17.16$22,143.13120.6%
Apollo Commercial Real Estate FinanceARI 10,018.751261.09017.90 22,573.51125.3%
Apple Inc.AAPL 16,076.73364.134170.42 62,055.72286.0%
BoeingBA 26,682.2382.387417.97 34,435.2929.1%
Corning Inc.GLW 10,003.92856.01234.51 29,540.97195.3%
CostcoCOST 10,953.6060.634216.47 13,125.4419.8%
General MotorsGM 15,719.00625.39139.09 24,446.5355.5%
Gilead Sciences Inc.GILD 13,621.50162.98867.59 11,016.36-19.1%
Intel Corp.INTC 9,996.30545.67951.66 28,189.78182.0%
Invitation HomesSFR 3,114.72190.00023.52 4,468.8043.5%
KKR Financial HoldingsKKR 9,997.63962.43023.53 22,645.98126.5%
Knowles Corp.*KN 1,698.0083.00016.15 1,340.45-21.1%
Lazard Ltd. ALAZ 10,174.03243.32536.73 8,937.33-12.2%
Seagate Technology Plc.STX 16,304.81757.55745.71 34,627.93112.4%
Spirit AirlinesSAVE 1,158.6883.00061.67 5,118.61341.8%
Starwood Property TrustSTWD 6,887.43837.98721.82 18,284.88165.5%
Target Corp.TGT 10,021.39243.14272.84 17,710.4676.7%
Taylor Morrison Home CorpTMHC 11,903.001223.00018.11 22,148.5386.1%
Cash     9,799.93 
Portfolio Total $189,998.009872.148  $392,609.63106.6%
Vanguard Total U.S. Market ETFVTI$10,863.00187.741142.74$26,798.15146.7%

Stock prices are as of February 15, 2019. *Received through a spinoff.

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