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Best Things to Buy at Dollar Stores for the Holidays

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If you want to save a few bucks preparing for the holidays this year, learn to cut corners at the dollar store. It’s a boots-on-the-ground savings tactic many large families learned out of necessity long ago. Good thing, too, since many of us are planning to spend even more on the holidays in 2017.

According to a survey of consumers conducted for the National Retail Federation, Americans expect to spend an average $967.13 shopping for the holidays in 2017, up 3.4% from last year. The majority of the spending ($608.06) will go toward gifts, naturally. But a big chunk of the average holiday budget ($359.07) will be spent on decorations, greeting cards, flowers, food and other non-gift purchases. That’s where the dollar store really shines.


“Why pay more than you need to for seasonal items? We’ve spotted products like holiday dinner plates and a Santa-themed cooking apron for $1 apiece at Dollar Tree,” says Courtney Jespersen, consumer savings expert for NerdWallet.

Whether decking your halls, prepping the holiday meal or ho-ho-ho-sting a seasonal party, see how your budget has a friend at the dollar store.

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