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Life certainly changed when you started a family. In your B.C. days (before children), you may have measured a successful vacation by how many sights you soaked in. Now it's all about flexibility. You're crafting itineraries around nap times and feedings, looking for stroller-accessible routes and scoping out noisy eateries where diners won't be bothered by a babbling toddler.

Traveling with babies, toddlers and preschoolers can be fun as long as you don't have to hassle with jet lag and you don't pack too many activities into each day. If you want to spend hours in the Louvre, leave baby at home with Grandma. But if you want a low-key family getaway, check out these ten fun and flexible destinations that'll leave you, Junior and your wallet happy.

By Erin Burt
Affordable Vacations for Families With Older Kids

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