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22 Best Values in Tech Gifts for the 2018 Holiday Season

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The 2018 holiday shopping season is underway! To some that means thrills – from Black Friday hunting to Cyber Monday browsing. To others, it means dread. So many wish lists are full of high-tech gadgets, and there often seems to be no discernible way to tell good tech gifts from the bad ones. Do you go by brand name? Price? Advertising?

Kiplinger prefers to focus on approach of value. And no product is a considered a “value” on cost alone – we take into account factors that may be less obvious, including performance, features, quality, upgradability, durability and warranty.

To help you with your biggest shopping list of the year, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of 22 of the best tech gifts for the 2018 holiday season, covering the most popular categories. Included are many options I’ve had hands-on experience with in my time reviewing consumer electronics for outlets including Forbes, Wired, GeekDad, and others. These products start at just $50 and top out at $2,800, but they all have a common thread: They’re high-tech gifts that represent a great value to both the giver and the lucky recipient.

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