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7 Things Worth Splurging On


Demand for luxury goods rebounded post-recession -- and as the economy continues to heat up, more consumers are finding the cash for Louboutin pumps, first-class cabins and Michelin-starred meals. But even if you have the disposable income to pay for a designer wardrobe or gold credit card, there’s no need to sacrifice the proverbial bang for your buck. The things most worth splurging on should offer unbeatable quality, great value and a high return on investment, in addition to a visceral thrill.

We reached out to experts in a number of fields, from fashion to technology to travel, and asked them what luxuries are worth "splurging" on. While some of these items carry big-ticket prices, most will pay you back in one way or another--be it by retaining or increasing in value, or by saving you money in some manner, such as on repairs and replacements. So while others might call them extravagances, we consider them investments.

Check out our list of seven things worth splurging on.

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