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9 Ways to Make Your Christmas Tree Live On


It seems like a rather sad ending for a beautiful Christmas tree to be lying at the curb, stripped of its holiday finery, waiting for the garbage truck to haul it off to the nearest landfill. That is the unfortunate end awaiting many Christmas trees once the holidays are over. But there can be a different end for your tree, one in which it serves a useful purpose that will benefit nature.

Natural Christmas trees, as opposed to artificial trees, continue to be a popular holiday choice, with proponents claiming that there is something about the natural shape and fragrance that can’t be beat.


Now, maybe your natural tree can’t be put away in a box and saved for the next Christmas season once it has been taken down, but thankfully your old tree can be recycled for a variety of uses. Many municipalities collect Christmas trees and use them to improve soil, create paths and stabilize waterways, among other things. Read on to see ways your Christmas tree can find new life. Some you might already know and incorporate in your holiday traditions, but others might be new.

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