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11 Ways to Save $1,000 by Black Friday

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Summer is barely over, but already retailers are getting us revved up for the holidays with cheerful spreads of toys and décor on display. You know in your heart it’s an expensive time of year. And if you haven’t budgeted for it, those costs will eat into your usual monthly expenses or, worse, add to your credit card debt.

What to do? There are plenty of legitimate moneymaking opportunities for you to capitalize on at your convenience as 2018 winds down. If you can squeeze in a side hustle, some major retailers right now are offering generous incentives to lure seasonal workers. But there are other ways of making a quick buck, some also dangling the possibility of consistent streams of income beyond the holidays. Find out which cash-generating ideas will help you fatten your wallet by Black Friday. By how much depends on your level of motivation, but an extra $1,000 is within reach if you try one or more of these fast ways to make extra cash.

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