Real-Life Lessons for a Dream Retirement

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7 Real-Life Lessons for a Dream Retirement



Planning for retirement is a long-term project with a lot of moving parts. It’s nearly impossible to anticipate every potential bump in the road.

One great source for information (and inspiration) is people who have already retired. Talking with current retirees about the “coulda, woulda, shoulda” lessons they’ve picked up along the way is a great way to prepare for your own journey.

In fact, Vanguard recently did just that. Vanguard blogger Julie Virta asked retired investors to share some things they would change if they had a “do-over.” That is, aspects of planning for retirement that they wish they’d done differently or not at all.

Take a look at some of their revelations. You’ll discover many real-world lessons about managing taxes, handling debt, planning for Social Security, preparing for emergencies, deciding how you will spend your time, and thinking long-term. It’s invaluable insight and advice that can help you make important decisions about your own future.

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