Predator insects like ladybugs and soldier beetles will help control an expected outbreak of mosquitoes and other pests in the summer of 2012. 10 Insect Superheroes
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10 Insect Superheroes

David Cappaert, Michigan State University,

You might have heard the buzz: Our payback for the warm winter and early spring will be larger-than-usual hordes of mosquitoes, midges, aphids, termites and other bad actors this summer.

The silver lining? There's a bug cavalry of sorts on the way, also courtesy of mild weather: armies of voracious insects that feast on the bad bugs. These "good" bugs will help limit bad-bug infestations of farmers' crops, keep ecosystems in balance and may even save you from an extra bug bite or two.

Here are 10 predator insects that soon will be thwarting the evildoers in fields, orchards, forests, parks, lawns and gardens.



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