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10 Cool Things Your Google Home Smart Speaker Can Do

Courtesy Google


Search giant Google says its AI-powered voice assistant, Google Assistant, can do more than 1 million actions. And all it takes is an “OK Google” with the company’s Google Home smart speaker.

It's a genius move from the main arm of parent company Alphabet (GOOGL). Google makes money from selling the Google Home speakers, and it positions the company to eventually collect revenue through, say, its AdWords program, where businesses pay for a higher placement in search results. Think about a person searching for an open Chinese restaurant or a plumber with a good reputation.

Consumers win, too, because Google Home promises to do a boatload of interesting tasks.


The following is a look at 10 of the coolest things you can ask your Google Home smart speaker – as well as your Google Home Mini, Google Home Max or even a third-party speaker with integrated Google Assistant – to do for you.

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