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7 Worst Stocks to Buy for 2017



Don’t make a mistake and believe that what performed well in 2016 also will do well in 2017. Yes, it happens … but it’s a sucker’s bet. In fact, many of a previous year’s best stocks end up being the worst stocks to buy for the coming year.

So much of the current market’s rally is speculative, too. Investors are placing tons of bets based on what policies they think Donald Trump and a Republican Congress will implement in 2017.

But if we’ve learned just one thing over the past couple of decades, it’s that politicians and presidents constantly over-promise and under-deliver.

You’ve been warned.

With that said, I’m looking ahead to 2017 with a particular eye toward 2016’s outperformers. In fact, many of the worst picks for next year are among 2016’s best stocks.


These are seven of the worst stocks to buy for any new money in 2017. And because the party’s nearly over, if you already hold any of these picks, you should consider locking in your profits now.

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