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The 4 Best Stocks to Buy for a Market-Beating 2017



With the holiday season officially upon us, a month of eating, drinking and spending is sure to have its consequences. But that doesn’t mean you choice in stocks to buy for 2017 has to be detrimental.

Now is the time to buy a gym membership, get some healthy recipes on the go and get your portfolio in shape to prepare for the resolutions you are bound to make come midnight on Dec. 31 — lose weight, live a healthier life and most importantly, make more money.

While the first two may be a bit harder to come by and much easier to fail, making more money can be easily done with a well-balanced portfolio in 2017.


With that in mind, Bank of America, Nike, Check Point Software Technologies and Netflix are four of the best stocks to buy for 2017.

Here’s a look at why you should consider buying these four stocks ahead of the New Year.

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